Pabago Bago ng Isip! Please make it CLEAR! or else ikaw ang ICLICLEAR ko sa MUNDONG to!

Hindi Lahat ng 2nd Chance ay nagiging MAAYOS


Nagiging Unfair lang naman ang isang bagay pag hindi NA-A-AYON sa KAGUSTUHAN mo!

Sa sobrang sakit walang “Comfort words” lalo na pag “fresh” pa yung mga pangyayari. Masakit talaga tiis tiis kana lang muna, no choice kana.

Yung ibang tao sila pa mismo yung GUMAGAWA ng sarili nilang PROBLEMA, pero sila rin naman yung NAIINIS pag magulo na yung SITWASYON

Parang ako minsan, pero minsan lagi rin….

kaya ko nga na-isip yan eh, kasi minsan at lagi ako ganyan! OH SO COMPLICATED!

Ang KALANDIAN mo hindi basta bastang nauubos pero yung LIFE SPAN mo konting konti nalang

Sak Sak Puso tulo ang Dugo Patay Buhay Tu-mi-gil-ka-na-sa-ka-lan-di-an-mo

Pag Malungkot ako ang dami kung sinasabi, pag masaya naman ako wala akung masabi!


Dati nung bitter bitteran pa ko sa buhay ko ang dami ko sinasabi este bina-blog, ngayon masaya nako NGA-NGA wala akung Ma-iblog!

Payo ka ng Payo, bakit na a-apply mo ba yan sa sarili mo?

Pakiramdam ko isa akong MALI na kailangan laging ITAMA :(

Nag Sorry ka nga uulitin mo lang din naman pala yung Kasalanan mo, para san pa sorry mo?

Pag pinatawad mo na ang isang tao it means tinatangap mo na ulit sya sa buhay mo, kaya mo nga sya pinatawad kasi binigyan mo sya ng bagong pagkakataon para mag umpisa ulit at hindi para paulit-ulit na ungkatin ang past. Siguro nga nasaktan kana nya minsan pero hindi sapat na dahilan yun para paulit ulit mung ipamukha sakanya yung nagawa nyang kasalanan. Ang dami talagang paulit-ulit, kasi kahit ilang beses ka saktan ng taong mahal mo talagang patatawarin at patatawarin mo rin sya, pero it doesn’t mean na tanga ka na, shunga ka pa lang, dapat alam mo rin yung mga kasalanan na worth it parin ang forgiveness mo, sabi nga “Para san pa ang mga pulis kung pwede naman mag sorry nalang”  nag sorry ka nga uulitin mo lang din naman pala yung kasalanan mo, para san pa sorry mo? Kung hihingi ka ng tawad siguraduhin mung deserving ka sa chance na ibibigay sayo, kung gusto mung mapatawad iplease mo sya kahit gano kahirap, pangatawanan mo yan ginusto mo yan. At kung ikaw naman ang hinihingan ng kapatawaran, matuto ka mag patawad , alam mo naman siguro kung sincere na yung tao, at alam mo rin naman siguro kung gano kabigat sa feeling yung may dala-dala kang burden kasi galit sayo yung isang tao. Basta ako hindi ako naniniwala sa FORGIVE and FORGET, dapat FORGIVE and LEARN FROM EVERY MISTAKE.

Pag sinabi niyang Let Me Go “Pakawalan mo na”

Oo masakit yun sa part mo pero di mo ba naisip na he is also struggling, it means he’s trap, lahat ng goodbyes painful, pero lahat ng pain at tears na naranasan mo ay worth it, kasi you become a stronger person sabi nga if you’re brave enough to say goodbye life will reward you a new hello, tandaan ang past dinadaanan lang yan huwag mung tambayan, ok lng naman balikan mo paminsan minsan pero siguraduhin mo na babalik ka sa reality, nakakalungkot lang isipin na hindi yung mismong tao yung namimiss mo kung hindi yung memories na binuo niyo together. Kung lagi kang nalulungkot huwag kang mag alala kasi nga kung hindi ka parin masaya ibig sabihin hindi pa ending because ENDINGS ARE ALL HAPPY kaya nga HAPPY ENDING eh! CHEER UP kasi lahat tayo may HAPPY ENDING!


Kapag ang isang babae, sumuko na sayo. Eto ang mangyayare…

I don’t regret the rain or the nights I felt the pain or the tears I had to cry some of those times along the way. For every road I had to take, every time my heart would break, it was just something I had to do to get me to you. 

I don’t know why I keep on loving you despite the fact that I’ll get hurt again just like before. I never learn cause I don’t want to. Not now when I’m still strong to fall for you over and over again. 

You are the reason why even at the saddest part of my life, I smile. Even at confusion, I understand. Even in betrayal, I trust. Even in fear of pain, I love. 

There’s a love that only you can give, a smile that only your lips can show, a twinkle that can only be seen in your eyes and my life that only you can complete.

I promise to be there when you need me, I promise to hug you tight when you’re lonely, I promise to wipe your tears when they fall and I promise to keep you, not for the rest of my life but for the rest of yours.

I may not get to see you as often as I like, I may not get to hold you in my arms all through the night. But deep in my heart, I truly know, you’re the one that I love and I can’t let you go. 

I want to be with you forever so that I can love you in a way that no one else can and care for you in a manner that only I would. But they broke my heart when they said forever isn’t true. Can we prove them wrong by working on forever, just me and you?

Astrology Predictions Sign by Sign: Romance and Couple in 2014


2014 can be a very romantic year - but not from the beginning. You’ll step into the new year with Venus, Aquarius’ planet of love, in the cycle of retrograde movement in the twelfth house, a dark and hidden house, which astrological tradition considers to be a twilight realm. 

Venus entered this area on November 5th last year and will be there until March 5th 2014. This position can underline two aspects: one, related to sadness, the other, to mystery. In the first case, it’ll be about disappointments, separation, loneliness; it is also possible that some hidden thoughts or relational traumas will subconsciously come out to the surface. 

In the second case, it could be about a secret love story, a forbidden affair, sentimental issues, gossip, blakmail or unveiled private secrets. Beware, especially if you’re in a relationship that has to do with the job, studies, or career!

Prudence is recommended especially in January 2014, when Venus is effectively retrograde and things will become difficult to control or they might have unusual development. 

After an approximately two-month period of relative calm, things will get confused again. This time it’ll be about passion, sex or children, in connection with some trips, news or discussions. 

Finally, after all these adventures, in July 2014 a major event will take place: Jupiter will enter Aquarius’ house of relationships. This marks the beginning a twelve-month period favorable to relationships, a flourishing period of fulfilment. There will be all sorts of offers and opportunities, the current relationship will go well, the partner will have achievements.

The last part of July and the whole month of August 2014 can bring absolutely special events. 

The end of October and all the month November 2014 will be relevant.


Relationships will probably be the most important thing in your life in the first half of 2014. Jupiter, the Greater Benefic, will be in Capricorn’s house of couples until July, generating huge affective needs and hoping accordingly. However, it’ll be up to you also whether they will be fulfilled or not. 

If it’s in a good mood, Jupiter will bring open horizons, happiness and fulfilment. If it’s in a bad mood, it’ll lose measure, asking for more than it should, thinking that it can afford to do anything or overreact. And in the first part of 2014, Jupiter will be bothered by several planets. 

On the other hand, Jupiter loves freedom greatly. If you’re into a relationship that makes you feel suffocated or confined, you will now have the power to break the chains. 

An intense and complicated period will particularly be the first trimester of 2014. The starting point was in November-December of the previous year, and the main factor will be Venus’ prolonged transit in Capricorn (November 5th – March 5th 2014). 

Both Venus’ and Jupiter’s transits will bear great emotional load and they could bring love or other relational accomplishments. At the same time, they will be part of an ample tense configuration, which can cause various troubles. 

In case you find yourself in a critical situation or you feel that spirits are getting hot, remember that you need to keep calm and objective and that by benevolence and diplomacy you’ll get better results than by any other attitude. 

The Sun eclipse on April 29th 2014 foreshadows unusual development in the area of passion and sexuality. As for the rest, a calm and ordinary atmosphere. 

Venus will discreetly court you, though, in July-August, the last week of October, the first half of November and the last two decanates of December 2014.


Uranus will encourage Sagittarius’ house of love between 2011 and 2018. Its electrifying influence will be characterized by variations, novelty, unexpected changes or situation reversals. 

The first part of 2014 will be full from this point of view: incited by the opposition with Mars (the ruler of Sagittarius’ house of love) and by the squares with Pluto and with Jupiter (the ruler of your sign), Uranus will have the power to apply a series of electric shocks to you, and it could even reconfigure the romantic and sexual picture for you radically. 

As you like strong emotions, though, and you have the wonderful quality of optimism, you might find these turbulences revigorating or take them as a chance to explore new territories. 

As regards old or official relationships, they can be troubled especially by problems related to children, pregnancy or sexuality.

Except for the Uranus-like adventures, between May 7th and July 13th 2014 you’ll have to deal with some of the Mercury type. Being in the cycle of retrograde movement, Mercury will stay in Sagittarius’ house of relationships more than usual. 

The phenomenon will be the more interesting as Mercury is precisely the ruler of this house. The transit will express more intense preoccupation for the couple or for the partner and it is to be expected that it’ll bring significant events. 

Because Mercury will have a short stopover in one of Sagittarius’ financial houses, it is very likely that a money-related topic will be in the center of attention. 

Things will be more difficult to control in the period June 7th – July 1st 2014, when Mercury is actually retrograde, but they will completely clear up in July. 

Moreover, in July 2014 everyhting will clear up, meaning that even the Uranus-like storms will calm down, and the rest of the year will be peaceful and harmonious.


Neptune, romantic and full of hopes, will stay in Scorpio’s house of love in 2014 also. In a way, it is good because thus it will cancel some of the reserve of Saturn, which is in Scorpio.

On the other hand, Neptune lives in surreal spheres and it is rather inefficient: the love stories born under its wing will rarely take shape, and if they do, they will be ambiguous or uncertain. From this point of view, you’ll do well with the transit of Saturn, practical and realistic. However, under this ambivalent Neptune-Saturn influence, the heart could tell something different from what reason might tell you. 

It seems that there’s a lot to dwell on as regards relationships, because Venus, being in the cycle of retrograde movement, will spend a lot of time in Scorpio’s house of the intellect (November 5th 2013 – March 5th 2014). 

Looking at things from a different angle, Venus is the ruler of Scorpio’s house of couples, and its transits will obviously reflect on the couple. Being in the cycle of retrograde movement until March 2014, Venus could bring events that lead to questions like: “Am I in the rigth relationship?”, “What do I expect of a relationship?”, “What are my expectations of my partner?”, “What about my partner’s expectations of me?” and others of the kind. 

Communication within the couple will be essential to Scorpios in this period. It’s good to talk about what you feel and about what’s on your mind, maybe even negotiate with the partner on certain conditions of your living together. Also, the relationship could involve intense mailing or many trips. 

To some Scorpios, Venus’ transit can take out to the surface past love stories or deeply buried frustrations. 

The atmosphere will relax in April 2014, which will be a very romantic month. 

In May 2014 there might appear some partnership-related problems. 

June, August, the end of October and the first week of November 2014 will be intervals of harmony and accomplishments.

As for the rest, the atmosphere will be neutral.


The romantic tendency will be ensured for long term by Neptune, located in Pisces. Having it by your side, you’ll be prone to enchanting yourself, to dreaming, hoping, giving expression to the entire poetry that lies deep inside you. It’s true that you might sometimes rejoyce on an illusion or invest in the wrong person, but this is also the result of the need to let yourself be charmed, to live as closely as you can to fairytales. 

In the first part of 2014, sentimental aspirations could take more concrete shapes, because the enthusiastic and adventurous Jupiter will be in Pisces’ house of love and sexuality. Jupiter will lend you courage and enthusiasm, will make you be more self-confident as regards your power of seduction and it will see that you are provided with favorable circumstances. 

If you already have a relationship, in 2014 you’ll be able to take advantage of Jupiter’s transit to enrich your erotic life, to experience new sensations and carnal fulfilment. 

Jupiter will amplify not only your sensuality, but also your fertility, so it’s not excluded that in 2014 a pregnancy or even the birth of a child will happen. 

On the other hand, Venus wants that in the first two months of 2014 love is connected to friendship, group activities, organizations, manifestations with an audience, conferences, congresses, shows, etc. It’s possible that there have been some evidence in this respect ever since November-December of the previous year. 

Anyway, the first trimester in 2014 will have a strong relational mark, considering that Mercury, the ruler of Pisces’ house of couples, will have an interesting to-and-fro in the area Aquarius-Pisces. Beware, though: the period could also bring complications.

Another very intense period at the passionate-erotic level will be the interval June-July 2014. 

Starting August 2014, things will calm down and they will become neutral again.


With Uranus in Libra’s house of relationships, the period 2011-2018 will be trepidant, marked by changes that regard the couple or the couple partner.

To successfully go through these years, you’ll need adjustability and benevolence. More than ever in the first part of 2014, because Uranus will be caught in a tense configuration. 

And there’s more to it. The ruler of Libra’s house of relationships, Mars, will be in the cycle of retrograde movement precisely in Libra, where it’ll stay unusually long: between December 7th 2013 and July 26th 2014. This long stay could have an important impact on the couple life.

In theory, retrograde Mars in Libra should amplify your sexuality and love initiative, make you more desired and bring passion to your life. It’s just that Mars will be irritated by the opposition with Uranus and by the squares with Jupiter and Pluto and will tend to take out its negative, aggressive and conflicting side. 

Beyond the tendency towards disagreement, there’ll be the danger of outbursts or even break-up, especially if the personal horoscope predisposes. Moreover, by March 2014 Venus, the planet of love and Libra’s ruler, will also be in the cycle of retrograde movement. 

The most complicated periods will be January, March, (particularly!) April and the first two decanates of May 2014. 

The above-described transits could bring, however, passionate love stories too. But they will tend to be troubled and to end badly. 

In July 2014, tension will dispel as if it has never been there, and harmony will take its place back in Libra’s relationships.

Under a splendid, big triangle between Mars, Jupiter and Uranus, the second part of September and all the month October 2014 will promise happy love and fullfilment for Libra’s couple life.


In the first part of 2014, Aries’ house of couples will be dwelled by Mars, the planet of passion, but also of conflicts. 

Mars usually spends six or seven weeks in a house. However, it’ll now be in the cycle of retrograde movement and it’ll stay for almost eight months (December 7th 2013 – July 26th 2014). If it was in good relations with the rest of the planets, Mars could show its passionate, conquering, enterprising side and could bring you some burning, passionate, crazy love. 

Unfortunately, in 2014 Mars will be in conflicting relations with Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto that highlight its quarellsome, tough, aggressive side. Therefore, there will be a risk of tension, conflicts, even aggression or separation. 

In the first months of 2014 Venus, the ruler of Aries’ house of couples, will also be in the cycle of retrograde movement and, in addition to that, in a difficult position.

Be very careful in the intervals December 22nd 2013 – January 31st 2014 (effectively retrograde Venus) and March 1st – May 20th 2014 (effectively retrograde Mars).

With a Moon eclipse in Aries’ house of relationships, to which other opposite planetary aspects add up, April 2014 will be the most difficult month of the year. You’ll need a lot of patience, prudence and diplomacy in order to maintain your relationship within peaceful parameters. Or your partner might undergo a stressful period. 

Fortunately, in July 2014 things will clear up. Mars will leave Aries’ house of couples, and in Aries’ house of love and sexuality will enter Jupiter, the Greater Benefic, full of energy, enthusiasm and luck. 

The second part of the year 2014 will bring lust for life, fun and adventure, as well as sentimental opportunities and bright perspectives for love and eroticism.


The general astrological trends of the year 2014 will present a harmonious connection between Virgo’s house of couples and Virgo’s house of the mind and communication. You’ll be very drawn to intelligent people, who will stimulate your thinking and who will get you interested by what they will say or write. In your turn, you’ll become sexier by your inspired words or ingenious ideas. 

Neptune, located in Virgo’s house of couples, will lend you wonderful romantic excitement, which can sometimes, though, make you become idealistic and get attached to the wrong people. 

The ruler of Virgo’s house of relationships, Jupiter, will be well situated in the first half of 2014 and will make your sentimental life be enhanced by collective activities (collaboration, conferences, meetings within an association or foundation, etc.), by the participation in social events, by friends, supporters or protectors. 

The astrological configuration of the first half of 2014 will nevertheless put certain pressure on finances. It is also possible that the relationship is somehow marked by money-related worries or that there is another type of interference between money and the couple relationship. 

In 2014, Pluto will still be in Virgo’s house of love and eroticism, trying to help you discover your real sentimental needs and your real sexual potential. 

Pluto’s effort, which is long-lasting, will be supported in the first two months of 2014 by Venus’ prolonged transit through Virgo’s house of love. The transit could bring really significant events, even if in January 2014 some could be stressful on account of Venus’ retrograde movement. 

The New Moon in March 2014 forecasts luck with love and happy events; April 2014 will have great romantic potential. 

The end of June and all the month July 2014 will also be promising.

Starting August 2014, Jupiter, the ruler of Virgo’s house of couples, will not have the same encouraging and protective action. Some disappointments are possible to occur, especially in August and November-December 2014.


In 2014, as well as the previous year, Saturn will subject to your attention topics related to reliability, durability, maturity, patience and time. 

When you have to deal with Saturn in your house of couples, you’ll be more reserved with your manifestations, while the other one will not have the same enthusiasm in reaching out to you. You’ll often be haunted by sensations of misunderstanding, isolation, coldness or blocks. Relationships will be tested, and those experiencing problems could break. 

In some cases, Saturn will bring loneliness; in others, the partner could go through difficult situations. Sometimes, Saturn will provide several offers, so that you can compare them, understand what you want and choose accordingly. It usually doesn’t allow you to get carried away with the wind of romantic idealism; on the contrary, it demands that you make reasonable choices. 

In the first part of the year 2014, Saturn will be well aspectated by Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto; all three encourage knowledge boost and promise good things for the relationship through communication, friendship and trips. A distance relationship or a trip taken on sentimental purposes will be very likely in the first trimester in 2014. 

On the other hand, Mars, the ruler of Taurus’ house of couples, will be in your house of work, obligations or diseases until July 2014, so it’s possible that there’ll be interference with these domains. A relationship with a colleague, with somebody who works in the medical environment or in an environment with strict regulations (the army, the police force, etc.) would not come as a surprise. 

Nevertheless, Mars will not be in a comfortable position, so there could appear problems, especially between March 1st and May 20th 2014, when Mars is retrograde. 

June 2014 will be a relaxed and sensual month. 

August and the first part of September 2014 could be passionate, but they can also bring difficult moments or radical decisions.

November 2014 promises important events which should to be treated with wisdom and prudence.


2014 foreshadows to be interesting at the relational level, maybe even exciting. 

Mars, the planet of desire, will complete its cycle of retrograde movement in Gemini’s house of love and eroticism. It’ll be a rare situation, which will make Mars stay unusually long in this house: almost eight months (December 7th 2013 – July 25th 2014) instead of five or six weeks, as it usually happens. 

The first part of 2014 will imply a lot of adrenaline, sentimental enthusiasm and carnal lust. It is said that Gemini is a sign of the mind and of reason. Well, they will now learn what it is like when instincts take over, and the flesh and the soul demand their rights. 

Some Gemini people will find their interest for the partner renewed and they will re-launch their sexual life, others will crazily fall in love or will act irrationally in the name of love, others will be drawn to the forbidden fruit, which they will desperately want to pick, no matter how much it will cost them. Regardless how, the period will be passionate, alive, dynamic, full of events and probaly scattered with incidents.

Surprises and changes of situations will not miss, because Mars will be in opposition with Uranus, nor will overreactions, because Mars will be in square with Jupiter, nor will hardship and frustrations, because Mars will be in square with Pluto. 

Prudence is recommended, especially in January 2014, when other stressful configuration form, and in the period March 1st – May 20th 2014, when Mars is effectively retrograde. 

It is still until July 2014 that the couple life will be one way or another marked by the issue of money or of material goods. 

In July 2014 Mars will leave Gemini’s house of love and eroticism and the situation will loosen up. Relationships will tightly be connected to communication and trips. 

The intensely sentimental periods will be September, October, the second part of November and the first half of December 2014


The emotional load will be very big until July 2014. 

Jupiter will be in Cancer and will manifest energetically, freely, in search for freedom, action and adventure. It’ll be difficult to accommodate to Pluto, located in Cancer’s house of relationships, which is intense, dramatic, haunted by demands and obssessions. Much the same will be Saturn, too, the ruler of Cancer’s house of couples, located in Scorpio. 

Pluto and Saturn will be tense, strict, and analytical, and Jupiter will be relaxed and will not dwell on detail. Pluto and Saturn will speak of fascinating relationships, but complicated and burdening, exactly the opposite of what Jupiter wants. 

There will be one more event with great impact: once it entered Cancer’s house of couples on November 5th of the previous year, Venus will not leave it until March 5th 2014. It’ll be a reference period for the couple, that some Cancer people encountered before in the winter of 2005–2006. Only now the context is more tense, more complex. Beware, especially in January 2014, when Venus is retrograde! 

Mars will also be in the cycle of retrograde movement and it will prolong its stay in Libra, highlighting the Jupiter-Pluto dissonances and causing agitation and irritation in your home in the first seven months of 2014. If you have a solid relationship, it will hold on, but not without efforts on your behalf. 

Still, there is one good thing about this period: although “damaged” by the opposite aspects received from the other planets, Jupiter will stay optimistic and protective and will help as much as possible to get over the situation honorably. 

You’d better take care in August 2014, when Mars meets the ruler of Cancer’s house of couples and the encounter can result in radical decisions. 

As for the rest, the Sun eclipse on the 23rd of October 2014, conjunct with Venus, in Cancer’s house of love, announces an unexpected but happy event, and the period October 26th – December 5th 2014 will be passionate, dynamic, significant.


The first part of the year 2014 will be quite peaceful. 

Saturn, the ruler of Leo’s house of couples, will form a harmonious triangle with the romantic Neptune and the happy Jupiter. The situation will be stable, and the emphasis will especially be on family life, domestic activities, on interests related to accommodation, properties and assets. 

It’ll be a time of privacy, when you seem to be more interested in the sensitive, emotional side of the relationship, rather than in the physical, passionate one. Some Leos might want to settle down, to build a home.

It is also possible that work or other responsibilities will overwhelm you and sentimental life will come second. 

It’s not excluded that at one point you’ll mix work with pleasure. For example, in January–February 2014, when Venus has a longer stay in Leo’s house of work (where it entered last year), you might work together with the partner or you might have an affair at the workplace.

Venus will be more generous with happiness in March 2014, when it passes through Leo’s house of couples. You’ll now socialize more and you’ll open your heart more easily. You’ll do it again only in the last decanate of June and in the first two decanates of July 2014. After that - a boom of happiness! 

On July 16th 2014 Jupiter will enter Leo, and once it arrives you’ll feel like living your life, like enjoying freedom, broad horizons, adventure. The sexual instinct will come back to life, the sentimental availability will grow, and if you get any opportunity, don’t step back. 

August 2014 promises great accomplishments although you might also face problems related to home, family or parents. 

Jupiter’s enthusiasm will continue to accompany and offer you memorable moments by the end of the year 2014 and even in 2015.

Ang mga MALALANDI ngayon kung MAKALANDI wala ng halong KUNSENSYA